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Camden, Maine - Main Street night scene
Camden Votes Overwhelmingly to Ban Retail Marijuana Stores 

Read the Statement from the Board of Directors of Camden Cares

Check out the coverage of Camden's vote by NBC's Newscenter Maine, 6/21/23

For press and others interested in speaking to Camden Cares, email us at:

Rockport and Hope Voted NO - We Can Too!

We'd Get NO Tax Revenue - Not a Cent.

We Just Have a Lot to Lose and Nothing to Gain.


Off-year elections like the one we're in right now often see less than 15% voter participation. This CAN'T be one of those years. Our town needs to be out in full force to defeat this ill-conceived measure.

To ensure we don't have pot shops in Camden, you'll have to VOTE NO TWICE -- to Articles #3 and #4 -- between now and 8pm on June 13th.

To read our Board's "final argument" before the vote, click here.

Updated: Statement Re: Libel in the Camden Herald, 6/9 edition.

Camden's ballots are confusing. We have a page to help ensure you vote NO and don't accidentally vote yes! 

View the actual ballot and our recommended instructions here

The two most important things you need to know:
1. You'll have to Vote NO twice to say No once (we know, it's weird). Specifically, Vote No to Article 3, and Vote NO to Article 4.  A yes vote on either article would result in 2 pot shops opening in the heart of Camden.

2. The Select Board is NOT recommending that we have pot shops in Camden. You'll see on the ballot "Select Board Voted 4 - 1 - 0".  It's misleading. It simply means the majority of the Select Board voted to put this to a town vote. They are NOT saying pot shops are going to be beneficial to our town. Please don't let this confusing information affect the way you vote. 

Why Camden Cares


The character of a town infuses the character of its children. Camden is one of the safest towns not just in Maine, but the world. It's a place where kids can be kids, and parents don't have to worry about where they are until suppertime. Marijuana retail stores normalize drug and marijuana use, send the wrong message, and research shows they are a substantial threat to the health and well-being of everyone in any community - especially teens and children. Learn more.


Our town is a four-season, family friendly destination known as much for our unique boutiques, art galleries, and quaint B&B's as our breathtaking harbor and Camden Hills State Park. We don't have a Walmart, McDonald's or Dunkin' in Camden. Marijuana shops don't fit in with our town's unique character either. Furthermore, they don't add to our town's appeal -- whether it's to young families considering moving here, to visitors looking to get away from the blight of big cities, or to families who've been here for generations. Pot shops simply don't belong in a special town like Camden, Maine. Learn more.

Camden, Maine - Bay View Street sunset


Camden is world famous for being the "Jewel of Midcoast Maine," where the mountains meet the sea.


Consistently ranked as one of the prettiest villages in the country, there is nowhere else quite like Camden.

Let's keep Camden the amazing place it has always been, and always should be.

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