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To vote against permitting pot shops anywhere in Camden, you'll have to VOTE NO TWICE.
Now through 8pm on June 13, 2023 


That sounds confusing (because it is). Here's what you need to know:

1.  Vote NO and NO -- to both Article 3 and Article 4.


The Select Board decided that the zoning ordinance change (which was proposed and written by the pot shop owners themselves) should be presented as two Articles -- #3 and #4 -- on the ballot.


You don't have to pick one or the other, you should VOTE NO TO BOTH. 


In the first article (#3), you will be asked whether you are OK to have "cannabis dispensaries" (pot shops) in town with a 500 foot setback from schools and childcare facilities. In the second (#4) - it's the same question but with a 1000 foot setback.  


Note that none of these setbacks apply to places for children that don't fit into the state's legal definition of "schools and childcare facilities."


These include places like the Camden Yacht Club's sailing school, the Bay Chamber music school, and any other place for children that isn't a "traditional" school or daycare center.


The State of Maine actually specifically excluded children's camps and other activity-oriented kids places such as karate schools, dance schools, sailing schools, etc. Of course, candy shops and ice cream stands also don't count. 


To ensure we don't have pot shops anywhere in Camden -- and anywhere near Camden's children (whether they are at a school or anywhere else) -- VOTE NO to both articles 3 and 4.

2.  The Select Board is NOT recommending that residents vote yes to pot shops in Camden.

Every article on the ballot says "Select Board Voted", followed by the vote tally. In the case of Articles 3 and 4, the tally was 4 - 1 - 0.  


It is critical for every Camden resident to know that this only means a majority of Select Board members voted to put the proposed ordinance change to a town vote, not that they endorse or recommend it.  

All of the Articles being voted on can be found here. We have also pasted Articles 3 and 4 below exactly as they appear on the ballot for your convenience, and point to which ovals to fill in, in order to ensure you vote NO to pot shops (and don't accidentally vote yes!)

The pot shop owners want you to vote yes to both on June 13. They'll win and open two pot shops in Camden if even one of these Articles passes.


Vote NO to Article 3 & Article 4... Before 8pm on June 13




Don't let the "Select Board Voted" note at the bottom  confuse you, they just voted to put this on the ballot; it is NOT a recommendation to vote yes. Vote NO!


Don't let the "Select Board Voted" note at the bottom  confuse you, they just voted to put this on the ballot; it is NOT a recommendation to vote yes. Vote NO!

Correction Notice in the Ballot Packets:

You will see a correction notice in your ballot packets as well as at Voting Stations (see below). These are just corrections of printing errors on the actual ballots (the Town misprinted the commercial district code for one district in Ballot Article 4 -- but it's the same district/still would result in pot shops in downtown Camden).


You should still vote NO to both Articles 3 & 4 to vote NO to pot shops anywhere in Camden.


Absentee Ballots - Critical Information to Ensure Your Vote Gets Counted

If you vote via an absentee ballot (instead of the polls on June 13th), these are important things to note to make sure your ballot gets counted!

  • You can pick up your ballot at the Town Hall, sign and send it back via the US Postal Service. In those cases, only you have to sign the envelope.

  • If you pick up your ballot yourself it only requires 1 signature on the envelope. If you pick up your own ballot and applied for the ballot, you just need to sign the envelope where your signature is highlighted. The ballot can be given to the clerk or dropped in the ballot box.


single signature.png

If a helper picks up your ballot for you, you need the helper and two witnesses to sign.

2 witnesses.png
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