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Camden, Maine - Main Street night scene
Camden Cares is a 501c4 Nonprofit Organization 

Operated Exclusively to Promote the Social Welfare of Camden, Maine

Camden Cares was formed in April 2023 by a concerned group of residents in order to protect and promote the health and social well-being of the town. We are a 100% volunteer-based and community-funded organization focused on educating and mobilizing Camden's citizens in the furtherance of these critical objectives.


Our first campaign was to oppose an ordinance change that would have allowed for the opening of retail marijuana stores in downtown Camden. Without any popular support, research or analysis, and only a single public hearing on the matter, the town's Select Board rushed the proposal to a town vote and Camden Cares sprung into action.

Representing the voice of the people, our efforts helped draw a record number of residents to vote in an mid-year municipal election (90%+ participation), and the result was a resounding and precedent-setting  2 - 1 defeat of the measure.

Check out televised coverage of Camden's retail cannabis vote by NBC's Newscenter Maine, 6/21/23. 

The story was also featured in the Bangor Daily News, and local weeklies including the Camden Herald, The Courier-Gazette, and The Pen Bay Pilot.

For press and others interested in speaking to Camden Cares, email us at:

Campaign to Oppose Marijuana Stores in Camden 
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